Driving the Route 66 to Seligman, Arizona

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Who here has a bucket list of travel destinations or travel experiences? I certainly do!
One thing on our travel bucket list, which we can tick as done, was to drive on the famous Route 66.
The experience was on point: we took the hood off on our rented convertible black Mustang, pressed play on our specially made playlist, sunnies on and full speed ahead. The scorching sun was soon burning our skin showing us what the dessert really feels like, but the moment was far too great to be ruined by little details.
There are these tiny moments in life that makes it memorable and the best past is when you get to enjoy them with the one closest to your heart. Ok, I'm getting much too sentimental today...

We did not drive the whole route as it would require a lot of time, just a small part in Arizona that lead us to the first town ever built on the route, Seligman. This is probably the smallest town ever and yet it is remarkably cute. Pretty colorful cars and tons of route 66 signs will sure make you glad you took a stop here. We came to learn that this is the place the movie Cars was inspired from, so I took a photo with Mater.

We had a lot of fun on our short stop in Seligman and more of it, we had a blast driving on route 66.


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