Where/what to eat in O'ahu - Hawai'i

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Full disclosure: I always get hungry when I write this kind of articles!
Chris and I are both huge foodies so when we research a travel destination we always check out where and what to eat too. We always, I mean ALWAYS try the local food. The best way to experience a destination is by visiting its famous landmarks, meeting the locals and trying out the traditional dishes.
Unfortunately we have not yet mastered the art of taking photos of our food, that's because we usually stop for food when we are already starving and are therefore too impatient to eat, but we are working on it...sort of.

Nevertheless here is a list of our top picks:

Scampi at Giovanni’s

Scampiiiiiiiiii!!! (Evidently I am having a hard time hiding my excitement). This little food truck on the south shore of the island has the best garlic shrimp ever! Garlic shrimp is a must on the island and the one’s at Giovanni’s is to die for! We signed our names on the truck so if you go there look for Flip Flops Only and send us a photo. It would really make our day. As an extra try the macaroni salad as well.

Funnel cake at Lani's Yummy Yum

By far the best dessert I have had so far! (It even tops mom’s tiramisu! Sorry mom!). This food truck is in the same market area as Giovanni’s, so two birds with one stone. The truck doesn’t look much, but boy you are in for a treat. Make sure you get the fully loaded option with bananas, ice cream, chocolate and strawberry syrup. Need I say more?

BBQ corn

This one too is in the same market place as the ones above (I know, right? Best marketplace ever!). They have 3 kinds for you to choose from, number one is the best. (duh!)

Kailua Pork and Lau Lau

These two are traditional Hawaiian food and they were absolutely delicious. Kailua is shredded pork and Lau Lau is pork boiled in taro leaves. The come together with rice and the Hawaiian macaroni salad.


Poke means tiny pieces in Hawaiian and it’s usually small pieces of raw fish in all sorts of sauces and condiments. This is part of the Japanese influence on the island which you will get to recognize a lot.

Shave ice

Our initial thought (because most of the times we think alike) was: how good can syrup covered ice be? Isn’t that the Slurpee? Well…no! Just try it and you will not be disappointed!

Acai bowls

Getting to healthier part of food, Acai bowls are very famous around the island, so wherever you choose to try them you cannot go wrong. The ones at Banan were pretty good.

Arvo café

A lovely healthy coffee shop which we recommend for breakfast. The lavender latte is really good and they have some healthy good looking toasts too.


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