The posh airstreams in Joshua Tree, California

Thursday, June 28, 2018

In our travels so far we discovered that the things/places you least expect impress you the most. We would have never imagined that the desert in California would be this impressive, that it is defined by more than sand and wind, and that it actually holds some unique and incredible life, like the Joshua Trees.

Somewhere in this desert, a short drive from the tiny Joshua Tree town we found the most picturesque and instagrammable place, the Joshua Tree Acres. For our stay there we got to call home the Piece of the Sky 1975 Airstream, a recently renovated and extremely cozy trailer. It was easy to see from the very beginning that it had the most fitting name.

The little town of Joshua Tree is also adorable, just like you see in the movies, with cute little shops and dinners where everybody greets you with smiles on their faces.
Time flew by so quickly while we discovered every single corner of this place. After watching one of the most beautiful sunsets from our cute little porch we went to have dinner in the town, at The Saloon, an actual saloon with tall bar stools and karaoke nights where all the waiters took turns in singing just like in a scene from Coyote Ugly (without the actual dancing on the counter of course). I faced my fear and sang a song too, almost at closing time to be sure there were not too many customers remaining to witness my embarrassment. Although I was shaking the whole time, this was a great experience I now get to write about. 

As far as the article goes beyond this point, words are useless so I will let the photos tell their story and maybe a bit of ours.

Sending hugs,

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