Things to do in Hong Kong

Monday, March 12, 2018

Chris has always been fascinated by the hustle and bustle of a big city, so I have to give it to him that visiting Hong Kong was purely his idea. I did not know what to expect from this concrete jungle but I was left in awe by this intricate cityscape.

Best time to visit 
Hong Kong is one of the rainiest cities in Asia. Summers are extremely hot and humid and it rains almost every day, therefore it is best to visit during winter. We need to remember that we are still in Asia so winter does not mean temperatures below zero, but it's more like spring in Europe.
We visited in January as it is the month with the least rain and we had a bit above 20 degrees Celsius every day, which is more than perfect for when you want to visit a city. 

Where to stay 
We stayed at OZO Wesley and it turned out to be a great choice as it was a quiet oasis in a convenient location, close to the MTR. Read more about our stay at this lovely hotel -> HERE.

Transport in Hong Kong
Getting around in Hong Kong is extremely easy. You can get anywhere by using the metro system (MTR) which is very well connected throughout the entire city and runs every couple of minutes. The best way to use the MTR is to get an Octopus card which you can top up with the amount desired and it's way easier than buying a ticket for every ride. You can buy the card right at the airport.
Contrary to other countries, taxis in Hong Kong are very cheap and safe and you can use Uber as well.

Things to do in Hong Kong

1. Hike up Victoria Peak to admire the amazing skyline
A popular way to get to the peak is by tram, another good option is to go by taxi as the tram queues are usually endless and it's a shame to waste hours just waiting in line instead of actually admiring the incredible view from above. However the tram has it's perks as you get to admire a few of the city's landmarks along the road.

2. Take a stroll down the Avenue of the Stars and get mesmerised by the symphony of lights 
Every day at 8 PM you can admire the incredible Symphony of lights opposite from the Avenue of stars. The show lasts for about 15 minutes and it is guaranteed to leave you speechless!

3. Find the famous Instagram spots
Quarry Bay
Choi Hung Estate
The cool graffiti on Soho street 
Jockey Club Innovation Tower

4. Light an incense at the famous Incense Temple - Man Mo

5. Indulge yourself with the delicious Hong Kong cuisine
The cute and tasty buns at YUM CHA
The famous egg tart
Steamy dim sums and sponge cake

6. Shop 'till you drop in the colorful and crowded night markets
Temple street night market

7. Just get lost through the incredibly lively streets
Our favourite thing in every city we visit is to just get lost in its streets, mingle with the locals and observe their daily life. It is the best feeling when you discover on your own, a place that few have visited: a cute shop, an interesting building or anything for that matter.

Hong Kong easily made its way to our top favorite cities as it manages to give a modern vibe to the traditional Asian metropolis. Without a doubt this colorful city deserves a place on everyone's bucket list.
Roof-topping in Hong Kong

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  1. Yes its always fun to engage with new people and learn their culture and other local stuff.

  2. Hi, thanks for the tips! I am visiting HK in a couple of weeks and am torn between staying in HK Central or Tsim Sha Tsui.