I left my heart in Japan

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Japan has been on our minds for some time for oh so many reasons: the culture, the people, the food and the cherry blossoms!

We went on our trip at the beginning of April, as based on the forecast and past blooms, this would have been the perfect time to see the blossoming cherry trees. Here is where you can check the sakura forecast, it was very helpful for us.
In no time, Japan became our favorite place we have ever been to! You cannot help but fall in love with everything this beautiful country has to offer.

Getting around in Japan
Transport in Japan is pretty expensive, so if you want to visit more of the country the best way is to get a Japan Rail Pass. It can either be for 7, 14 or 21 days and trust me, it will save you a lot of money. More info about the pass here.

Food in Japan
As you might expect it, food in Japan is amazing! Dare to try everything! Don’t stay away from street food as all the stalls are extremely clean and you would be missing a lot of the Japanese culinary experience if you do.
One thing to get used to in Japan, is to wait in a queue before eating. As for us it might be annoying waiting 30 minutes in line to get in somewhere to eat, for them it is perfectly normal.
Keeping this is mind, make sure that once you are finished eating, to free the table for somebody else.
But enough about food, I have an entire post ready regarding this topic, so stay tuned!

Where to go in Japan
Everything is Tokyo was absolutely mind blowing! From the colorful neon lights and majestic buildings to the amazing parks full of cherry trees! Everything we saw kept us in awe the whole time, but here are the most honorable mentions.
Can you spot it?
The lovely sakura in Chidori-ga-fuchi
Ginza is an expensive and posh neighbourhood where you can find all the fabulous brands as well as great edgy architecture

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

The famous Shibuya Crossing

Meguro River

Osaka can easily be seen on a day trip from Tokyo, the highlight of it being the Dotonbori street. Out of the entire Japan, this street was definitely the most impressive. The neon lights here are almost blinding and yet you cannot stop staring.

As much as Tokyo is a huge city with tall buildings and neon lights, Kyoto will show you more of the old and traditional Japan. Chris liked Tokyo better, but honestly I am torn between the two cities. If I would have no option but to choose, I would pick Kyoto after all, as it has a more romantic feeling.
Kyoto has a unique charm which you will feel just by walking it's pretty streets, but once there don't miss:

The beautiful Gion, Kyoto’s most famous geisha district. What better place to play geisha dress up for a day?

Fushimi-inari taisha
This magical place is made of around 10.000 torii gates dedicated to the Rice God. My advice: get lost in the shrine!

Arashiyama Bamboo forest


If somebody would have told me that there is a place in this world where deer are roaming free and that they bow to you for food, I would have never believed it.
Well…welcome to Nara Park! For me this was a magical place and one of the highlights in Japan.
In this lovely park, the hundreds of deer are considered national natural treasures and are extremely well taken care of.
All the deer are well behaved, if you bow to them they will bow back! Also, if they see you have food they will bow to you nicely for a piece of cracker.
Tip: Don’t feed the deer just anything! All around the park you will be able to buy special/healthy deer crackers which they love!


Every single part of this country will show you a different side of it. When it comes to Takayama, it will show you both Japan’s country and mountain side.
Why we visited Takayama? Well of course for the Ryokan and Onsen Experience. I will tell you more about this in a following post.
My conclusion is that Japan is an amazing country, where everywhere you turn your head there is something to see, the food is mouthwatering and the people are the nicest I’ve ever met!

Have you ever been to Japan? What was your impression?

And because I loved Japan so much, two more articles are coming soon: The "must" things to do in Japan to get the full experience and one all about the foooood.

Until then,



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