Being a foodie in Japan

Monday, June 19, 2017

One of the reasons I was so eager to visit Japan was the food! Not only sushi, but …who am I kidding? Of course for the sushi! I love sushi, so what better place to enjoy it than Japan?
Now getting serious for a second (trying very hard here) there are so many amazing foods that you can try in Japan, therefore I added a selection below. Let the drooling begin!

1. Sushi
Don’t be surprised here! Of course it was going to be number 1 on the list. I know that there might be some of you who don’t like sushi, but honestly you must give it a try. The sushi we had in Japan was the best we had in the world. The fish was so fresh it literally melted in our mouths.

Our recommendation, the coolest sushi place in the world: Genki Sushi in Tokyo. The place has no waiters, you order the food on an LCD screen and it arrives on an automated conveyor system.

2. Ramen / Soba / Udon
You might believe that all Japanese people eat sushi every day, when in fact they eat ramen. This dish is delish and you can eat it during any meal, from breakfast to dinner. Make sure to slurp while you eat! J I could never tell the difference between ramen, soba and udon, except the noodle thickness. Even so, I like udon most out of these three.
In this family you can also try Yakisoba (stir fried noodles), also very tasty.


3. Okonomiyaki
It’s some sort of a cabbage pancake, but it’s taste is very interesting. 

Street version
Okonomiyaki with yakisoba

4. Rice cakes (Mochi)
I can’t say I loved the rice cakes, but they are nice to try. They have simple ones, matcha or, being the cherry blossom season, sakura flavored. 

5. Ice cream
I expect reactions to be like “really, ice cream?”, but honestly now, where else besides Japan can you try flavors like: matcha, black sesame and the famous pink sakura?

6. Takoyaki
Now this is on the list because it’s traditional and the Japanese love it, however I have mixed feelings when it comes to this snack.
To get an idea Takoyaki is a piece of octopus fried inside a wheat flour batter, then topped with bonito flakes, seaweed, mayonnaise, and tare (a thick and salty sauce). It’s not bad, it’s just too much I guess.

7. Gyoza (omnomonom)
The Japanese version of dumplings as far as I could tell. They are amazing! They are definitely a must! (craving some Gyozas now…)

8. Unagi (freshwater eel)
Served on top of rice, this dice is mouthwatering. (Ross knew something after all).

9. Taiyaki - is a popular street food that consists of a fish shaped waffle filled with a sweet red bean paste. It can also have other flavors including of course sakura.

10.  Nama Yatsuhashi – this is very popular in Kyoto, and unlike the rice cakes, I loved these ones. They are like tiny triangle shaped pancakes (with the softest dough ever) filled usually with the famous red bean paste, but of course it can have all sorts of flavors (including chocolate, which is unusual in Japan).

11. Yakitori - or basically meat on a skewer

12. Sake
Even though this is a drink it had to be on the list. Full disclosure: I don’t like sake, but you can’t go to Japan and not try it!
I had however an interesting drink called Shochu mixed with lime juice, which was actually good and refreshing.

The traditional sake barrels
Bonus: My favorite Japanese drink!

Considering we visited during the cherry blossom season almost every type of food had an assortment of sakura. Even the sushi! Be curious, try them all and tell me all about it!

Now that I’ve talked this much about the Japanese cuisine I’m going to make myself some French fries!

See you later alligator!


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  1. The food in Japan is very diverse and has some bright and special taste. I am truly in love with Japanese cuisine and culture.