Jordan - One week itinerary

Tuesday, December 13, 2022


If you haven't been to Jordan yet, maybe after reading this article you will add this destination to your travel bucket list. It's not easy to describe Jordan in just a few words, but to summarise it, it's a country that mixes culture, history and a desert that pretty much looks like Mars (or at least how I imagine Mars to be). So leave aside everything you think you know about a middle eastern country, because Jordan does not fit in that box. It's a very safe country, no haggling in shops, but on the downside it is very, and I mean very, expensive!

The main points of attraction are by far Petra, one of the new seven wonders of the world, and glamping in the Wadi Rum desert. 


The best time to visit Jordan is spring (from March - May) and fall (from September - November) when the days are not extremely hot and the nights not extremely cold. 


There are several companies that have direct flights to Amman, Jordan's capital, including low cost ones like Wizz Air and Ryanair.

From Amman there is a bus that can take you to Petra for 10 JOD one way ticket/person. The main problem with this bus company is that you cannot buy tickets online (without a Jordanian credit card), therefore you must buy it on location. Unfortunately if you don't do that a day in advance and you plan on buying the tickets the morning of your trip, the bus could be full and you risk not being able to get a seat. Thankfully there are several taxis that can take you up to Petra for a certain fee. We paid 80 JOD/car one way and we split the fair with another couple that could not get bus seats that morning. Of course, if you feel comfortable, you can always rent a car so you have more flexibility.

However there are no buses to get you from Amman or Petra to Wadi Rum, and as we did not rent a car for this trip, we arranged the transport via the camp we were staying at in Wadi Rum. It cost us 120 JOD for 2 people, return trip from Petra to Wadi Rum.


A place that could easily be confused as Mars, that will leave you mesmerised and why not, speechless. 


We chose to stay in two completely different camps in order to explore different sides of the desert. Therefore, we stayed for 2 nights at Memories Aicha Luxury Camp and for 1 night in the coolest bubble at Bubble Luxotel.

At both at these camps we had buffet breakfast and dinner included in the room price, which pretty much makes sense, considering there is nowhere else to go and eat.

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp

Bubble Luxotel

Besides exploring the interesting and unique accommodations, we booked a jeep tour to explore the red sand dunes. The tour ended with us sipping tea by a small camp fire in the middle of nowhere. A memory that will be forever in our hearts. 





Before going to Jordan we recommend getting the Jordan pass, that has the tourist visa and the entry to Petra included in the price. You can buy your pass here and there are several options, depending on how many days you need to visit Petra.

Here we stayed at the Edom Hotel and the main reason we chose this one was definitely the location, it is literally less than 5 minutes walk to Petra, which is pretty convenient considering there is nothing else to do there but visiting this site.

Petra opens at 6 AM for tourists and if you want to actually enjoy the place and see its grandeur, I would recommend you get there as early as possible. After 8 AM the place get crowded and as everything, it is ruined by uncivilised tourists.

We explored the city in one day, but we are talking here of 10 hours of constant walking, in quite an excruciating heat and we did not get see all the sites. The main attractions are of course The Treasury and The Monastery, so after seeing these two and walking for so long in one day, we did not really feel the need to go back the next day just to see the least famous spots that we missed the first time around. Mainly because you have to walk the same path all over again. But at the end, it's up to everyone in particular on how many days they need to explore Petra, but I would say two is definitely the maximum you need.

I was really excited to see Petra by night! If you check the website they present this experience as a once in a life time event meant to leave you in awe. However it was a huge disappointment! Everything was rushed with hundreds of people herded like cattle in front of the Treasury. It felt like they were focusing in making money instead of making it an incredible experience. 

Even though we had Jordan on our bucket list, we were not expecting to have such an amazing time there. Also, before visiting Jordan we thought that Petra would be the highlight of our trip, but boy were we wrong, as camping in Wadi Rum turned out to be one of the best experiences we've ever had.

So, if you don't have Jordan on your list yet, why not?



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