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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Whenever we choose a new travel destination, we firstly think of the experience that place has to offer as this is what we remember the most from our trips.
Years from now, you won't think about the place where you laid on the same beach for days in a row or the good breakfast at a hotel; but more of the fun boat ride you took to a secluded island, the time you went on a sunset dolphin chase or how you lost your shoes in Asia and walked around for months in flip flops only. At least this is what we do, so we decided to put in writing the best experiences we've had...so far.

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1. Taking a helicopter ride over the island of Kauai in Hawaii
We knew that this experience was bound to have a great impact on us, however it left us completely speechless. You can take a helicopter ride over any island in Hawaii, but no matter who you will ask they will all tell you that Kauai is the best. Imagine flying above the incredibly lush and majestic volcanic formations that are iconic in the Jurassic Park franchise, known as the Na Pali Coast, or over the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, the red Waimea Canyon. And to complete this amazing journey the helicopter will descend inside the volcano that formed this island. There, over time, small waterfalls have formed and the clouds are so low shrouding everything in mysticism. 
This was a unique experience in life and I'm not sure how we will ever top it, but we will make it our travel goal to keep trying.

2. Road tripping the USA in a convertible Mustang
We love road trips! It's fun when you plan them, when you prepare the playlist according to the destination and it's even more fun when you are on the road driving.
For the US road trip we did between California - Arizona - Utah and Nevada, we wanted to live the American dream, so what better car to rent than a Mustang? Engine roaring, hood down and...dream of californication.

3. Making dreams come true in Bora Bora, French Polynesia
One of my biggest dreams and the number one destination on my travel bucket list was Bora Bora. This tiny island in the French Polynesia held a certain appeal and I was determined to make my dream come true one day. Now, I am happy and grateful that we had the opportunity to spend our honeymoon in this Heaven on Earth. Words cannot fathom the beauty and uniqueness of this remote island and now that we experienced staying in an overwater villa with a glass floor, I can only dream to go back one day.

4. Camper van road trip in New Zealand
It took us about two days to get to the other side of the world, also known as New Zealand. Scenery changes at a rapid pace there, one minute you are admiring the bluest lakes you've ever seen and the next one you get mesmerised by majestic fjords and tall waterfalls. Exploring the island from the comfort of your camper van is the best option as you get to adjust your itinerary based on how many times you stop to take incredible photos. And trust me, this will happen more often than you can imagine!
Also a bonus here in New Zealand, we got to visit the magical Hobbiton in one of the sunniest days ever, most likely after the ring was destroyed.

5. Getting lost in the concrete jungle - NY, USA
If my dream was to visit Bora Bora, Chris had New York at the top of his travel bucket list. And because marriage is all about making each other happy for our honeymoon we visited both. 
We grew watching tons of movies all filmed in New York and always watched in awe at the grandeur of each building, well seeing them up close...touches a bit of your soul. So if you ever get to New York, plan a day to just get lost in the city. No itinerary, nothing planned whatsoever, just walk around and take it all in.

6. Japan!
From the onsen experience, for which we drove all the way to the Japanese Alps to a lovely ryokan; to riding the Shinkansen, their famous super fast train; to dressing up in their traditional kimonos and taking strolls in the colourful city of Kyoto; to winning a prize at their extremely popular and fun arcade games; to indulge on their delicious food and culture; Japan itself was an experience!

7. Staying in an over water villa in the Maldives
We are not usually the people that care about where we stay, unless that place itself is an experience of its own...in this case a luxury resort in the Maldives.
Let's face it, you cannot go to the Maldives and stay at an AirBnB right? If you make the effort of going the distance then you should better do it properly.
The Maldives is all about staying in a fancy over water villa at a luxury resort, worrying over nothing but what to have for dinner.

8. Swimming with sharks in The Bahamas
Oh my! I can barely put into words so to do justice to the whole experience in the Bahamas! Here we got to swim, feed and play with the friendliest creatures, ones we never have imagined that we were going to actually pet one day! Yes, swimming with sharks was by far the highlight, one because I am utterly terrified of them and yet I was so comfortable in those waters, and two because...how many times you get to say you swam with sharks?
Not only that, but we got to swim with the famous pink pigs and feed the most loving stingrays ever! Oh and we even got to play with rock iguanas and go on a scavenger hunt for sand dollars! Should I say more? Cause there is! To put it short...take us back to the Bahamas!

9. The camper van road trip in Iceland
I'm one of the girls that actually likes camping! While in Iceland we rented a cute fully equipped camper van and drove all around the island. Having our bedroom right in the back of the car, we got to stop wherever we wanted to sleep at night. There's nothing like waking up in the morning to the restless sound of a waterfall.

10. Spending New Year's Eve on Miami Beach
Watching the impressive fireworks above the palm trees on Miami Beach while listening to the fun latino music from the parties on Ocean drive, all while in the arms of my better half...the best NYE ever!
Also enjoying the perfect weather and basking in the sun is not a bad way to start the new year.

11. Watching the sunrise from a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey
Waking up at 4 AM has never been more exciting. The balloon ride while in Cappadocia is definitely a must! By the time the sun rises you are already up watching the beautiful valleys getting lit in all sorts of dreamy colors. Being up in the air with hundreds of balloons around us was...magical!
But any sunrise in Cappadocia is pretty special!

12. Attending the Garden Rhapsody at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore
A rhapsody of abundant bright colours playing on the most surreal music will make for a moment that words cannot describe.

13. Roof topping in Hong Kong
Dangling their feet from the top of a skyscraper is not for the faint of heart, but it sure was thrilling and exciting! Also illegal, so please do not try this at home!

14. Finding life in the Dead Sea, Israel
The Dead Sea is definitely one of nature's wonders! Besides this being the lowest point on Earth, it also has a salinity of over 34% helping you float in the water without having to move a muscle. Due to this salinity, nothing lives in the water, except for small bacteria and fungi, however this tree managed to survive on this incredible and isolated salt island! How amazing is this? And how amazing am I? I had to swim quite a bit to get there!

15. Feeding and bathing with elephants in Bali, Indonesia
I love these gentle giants, so it was an amazing experience to watch them up closely, touch them and feed them, especially when they give hugs in return. If you ever get the chance, please don't ride such an adorable creature!

16. Getting a kalava from a hindu monk at Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia
This read string is meant to ward off evil from a person. I still wear it till this day, although it has seen the wear and tear of time.
Later update: the string ran its course, so this can only mean one thing: we need to go back to Cambodia and get a new one!

17. Zip-lining between two islands in the Philippines 
The over 900 meters zip line takes you from El Nido to another small neighbouring island, allowing you to fly over a breathtaking scenery.

*. Getting married in Las Vegas
This was the most incredible moment in our lives and it deserved a special place apart from the experiences above. I would have never imagined that a Vegas wedding could be this emotional and romantic, but I lost my breath a couple of times trying to say the classic vows that you see in all the movies. I guess that after all, life is just like a movie and dreams do come to life!

I loved writing this article as I got to reminisce over some incredible and unforgettable moments of our lives! I guess at the end of the day, the most important part of these experiences and this entire journey, is that we get to do it together! Looking forward to making new memories and living new and amazing experiences!

Warm hugs and sticky kisses,

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