Interesting facts about Kauai, Hawaii

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

We were so impressed about Kauai that I decided to write a post about all the interesting and fun facts that we learned about this island.

1. Kauai is the oldest out of the main islands of Hawaii and was formed around 2 million years ago.

2. There are no dangerous predators on the island. This means you get to do all the exploring you want without worrying that a snake might bite your…errrm leg ☺.

3. The islands national animal is a…chicken! Yes, you read that right. Apparently they were brought a while back on the island by a hurricane and they made a cozy home out of Kauai. Anywhere you will go (even on top of the mountain) you will see tons of them. Be careful of them while driving as they tend to get on the road.
I now know why did the chicken cross the street. To get to the other side! Duh!

4. Kauai was the filming set for several famous movies, including Jurassic Park. Actually while we were there we were able to see the filming location for The Rock’s new movie.

5. The island is home to the wettest place on Earth, Mt. Waialeale. If you take a helicopter ride it will take right in the heart of it! How amazing is that?

6. Kauai itself is also know to be the rainiest island of Hawaii (how else do you think it keeps itself so lush), however it never rains the entire day or on the entire island.

7. Aloha serves as both hello and goodbye and means “with love”. What a beautiful way to greet someone, don’t you think? Their mottos are “Live Aloha” and “Hang Loose”, a constant reminder to not stress over meaningless things.

8.    Waimea Canyon was named by Mark Twain, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

9.    I finally found the origin of my name. Apparently it comes from Ohana (which means “family” in Hawaii). This was one of the few places we’ve been to where people knew how to pronounce my name. And they all asked me if I was Hawaiian ☺. Maybe at heart…?

Do you know any other interesting facts?


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